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Food (Italian or Japanese)
Park and Recreation
Modern art (mostly Picasso and Modigliani)

Bad habit

Use a lot of Emojis


Small amount of Japanese
Understands HTML/CSS

I'm Emelie

I have from the start of my life always drew and painted. The day I found out you can draw on the computer my life was not the same ever again. This is the start of my epic adventure, I got a BFA, with knowledge in both print, digital and smaller understanding in coding (HTML/CSS). With this in my small backpack I started traveling the world. Tokyo, all over Sweden, Manchester and so on.

But my passion was the design for people, mostly because I firmly believe that,

Art is when I don't care who will interact with my piece. Design is when I do care.

This very basic thought. But it have lead me to a MA with focus on the pre-process of design at Hyper Island. This education made me believe even more that Design is for a user, whom ever it will be you should always ask "how is this for?"

CV available upon request.


2019 - current position) - Product designer, HomeMaker
2017 - UI/UX, Graphic Designer & Project Manager, Serendipity Communications
2016 - Graphic Designer, Yepstr
2015 - Project Manager & Graphic Designer, Media Team
2014 - Project Manager & Project Developer, Fernemo Information & Grafik
2013 - Design Trainee, Designlabland
2010–2013 - Freelance work (SE)


2016 - MA Digital Media Management, Hyper Island (UK)
2010–2013 - BFA Media Design, Luleå Technological University, (SE)
2012 - Japanese Studies, Akamonkai Language School (JP)