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Bright worklife

What is HR?

We question what HR will be in the future, but also if HR will look the same with the trend of more remote or workers that move faster from one job to another. We thought of what HR handle and that the pain point we saw was that the lack of caring your documents from one job to another is problematic and it’s important documents you need for bot your next job, taxes and pension. 
The focus we decided on was pension, after seeing that it was a problem all the members in the team had faced. It’s was also a problem that showed up in our research. This was early in the process so we had lot of time prototyping the concept and iterate it. This made us see that we needed a easy interacting thing that would make people download the product. This was a salary comparison, which applied for student and remote workers also very relevant for workers that move from job to job faster. To know what you are worth, we also saw the potential in the product because there was no product in the current landscape that do this things and connect it you as a person. 
The biggest problem we faced was how to make this scalable and relevant in the future. We say the potential that the product can’t be bound to a medium and have to change with the times. But the important thing is that you as a employee take it with you and not that your employer own it.  

Case: How create the future plan of BrightHR, how will the future look for HR in SME's?
Client: BrightHR
Time: 4 weeks