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From offensive to Edgy

The transformation is all about digital and making the physical stores merge with the e-commerce which American Apparel have been leading in.
Short information American Apparel, they are in need of change there current down spiral to make them feel approachable to younger people.
American Apparel have from the beginning wanted that home made feeling, it can be used to it’s full potential in the age of Instagram.

Why Instagram?
Instagrams community boosts 15 times more engagement than Facebook. It also offers brands a way to directly contact shoppers and be a part of their personal stream. As well as a two-way customer service channel and by 2019 it estimated that 33,6% of all internet users will be in the platform. But they are losing the race to Urban outfitters who have 4.6 million followers compared to 1.5 million and in 2014, 64% of all customers researched products on mobile before purchasing. It can also in the future be the most important channel for m-commerce in the world if, Instagram got the feature of offering users a way to click-to-buy from the photos. That technology is not far away, in an article from Fast Company that's about a project from Gilt Groupe called Project September, a app that works like instagram. Project September differ itself by allowing you to click on any item in an image and buy it immediately.
The future is Snapchat it have around 200 million active users every month. Making it’s one of the fastest social media channels. Snapchat  is  used to “feel” space and place through composing. In 2018, Instant messages services (IM) will stand for 75% of the traffic on mobile. This is what makes it perfect for American Apparel, they can have a content that still have that edgy or be on the borderline to offensive. Get the right feeling and reached the young users, therefore become spatial architects of experience.
Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan said to business of fashion that “It’s all created with the Snapchat medium in mind”, she was discussing the fact that fashion is moving from homepages to social media and Cosmopolitan have partnered up with Snapchat to be where the people are.
The main thought with this project was to see how American Apparel can use their image to go into channels where they are suited. To be that brand teenagers and young adults go to. Because they do appeal to the millennials they just have to push it in the right way! Not be a brand that will be forever stuck in the 00's