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iBac - the smart BREATHALYZER

One product with two user-groups that have radical different needs.

Alcohol is a constant in our history if we like it or not. iBac is a product that deals with the issue of not knowing your BAC (Blood alcohol content) in a smart and innovative way. They wanted the App to reflect the easy to use, the accessible and quick product that iBac is. To enable people to take a small and smart breathalyzer with them, everywhere. 

The case also involved Alcosystems which is the B2B solution while My iBac is the B2C solution. One crucial point was to make the divide between this two products.

The project included UI/UX focus, usability, design over multiple platforms, deep understanding of product and user. Design of both, packaging, UI, homepage and hardware for the iBac unit.

Client: Alcosystems
Homepage: MyiBac , Alcosystems
Task: Making the UX better and cohesive. 
Focus: One product, with the faces of two radically different audiences. 


The iBac unit

The question was how to make the iBac unit that connect to the phone look like it's not a breathalyzer. Using lifestyle thinking and focus on quality in the product. The process ended ut with two final versions. Gold and black, in aluminum with plastic details.