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Leo & Wolf


Leo & Wolf - treats for cats and dogs

Leo & Wolf is a brand of pet food with the philosophy of making it as natural as possible. the meat content is always over 80% and only natural products are used. The design had to reflect this way of thinking. The problem is that the end user doesn't buy the products, the owner does. So a product that goes against the whole "green is healthy" - trend, still had to appeal to someone that might not eat meat at all. 

Focus on the design had to revolve around watercolour illustrations, clear typography and simplicity.

Client: Leo & Wolf
Task: Create Treats for Cats and Dogs
Focus: Package design, differentiation, target groups 


Brochure  - Interzoo fair 2018

Making the big amount of products Lemmikki Oy (owner of Leo & Wolf) appel to buyers so it catches their attention. make it beautiful and reflect the natural ingredience and high values in the Company.