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The Ice Cream Method

Case: How to create a product or a service that makes it easier for remote teams to work together.
Client: Mural
Time: 4 weeks

In this project the team used design thinking as a foundation and worked with agile and scrum.

The brief was about creating something useful for remote teams that make their life easier. To know the struggle we tested remote working on ourselves where we for a day did a whole product development remotely. The insights we got made us se problems we haven’t thought of otherwise. We also did interview’s around the issue to see of more people have faced the same thing.

With the Insights we went to creating ideas, prototyping and testing it, to once more see if we had to change things and if it’s something people would use. It was also important for the team to know if it was a concept that was easy to understand. We talked with people to see if the point got across in an easy and direct way.

This resulted in a manifest called The Ice Cream Method. The name it got was because Ice Cream do mest over time and is a good and fun reference of that when you have no ice cream left, you have to take a break. It’s a new way of working for remote teams. The product itself is a timing tool where you set up break times in your team depending on your own preferences.  

The product got positive feedback and was something physical in a digital environment, which was interesting and it focused on people more than technology.